September 9th, 2010, from an email sent out by Steve Scanlan:

Dear Faculty.

We did the unimaginable. Our students helped us score 603 on our API, and we avoided yet another bullet at the hands of the Board. Hopefully this is the last one in Yolie’s chamber. We will have a faculty meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010 and Mr. Castillo will reveal the full details of our amazing escape from despair. We must celebrate this achievement with all our students, administrators and faculty members. I don’t know if anything can spur us on to a more timely  accomplishment than this, but we need to pat ourselves on the back and use our recent success as a catapult to move forward with solid innovation and practices that will put this very real scare in our collective rear-view mirrors. Next year we will still have a bull’s eye on our backs. It is time for us to return the favor and let the School Board hear from our students, parents and teachers what we think of their scare tactics. We will have a new Board, a new Union president and a new hope. Sparta lives!



One Response to History

  1. fieldworker says:

    Ahhh! How innocent we were.

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