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Board Meeting / Circus Show – a great day to be off from school.

I labeled this video, “Board Meeting Circus,” because it was indeed a spectacle that amazed and excited the audience. The big debate is about the encroachment of private charter companies on public school campuses. Steve Zimmer proposed that no newly … Continue reading

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Save our Society

I am sitting at a Days Inn in Virginia with my wife. It is Sunday, July 24 in Newport News, Virginia, a sweltering 90 degrees at 8:45 am. Vacation time? Sort of. My son is with the Marines to Japan … Continue reading

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Welcome Back My Friends to the Show that Never Ends

…sang Greg Lake while describing a post-apocalyptic world controlled by androids who controlled every action of enslaved sentient beings and made them robotic, like them. Phil has given me the username and password of the savehphs blog and has decided … Continue reading

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Displaced, Disputing, Discerning, but never Dispassionate.

Displaced teachers gathered in the cafeteria after school on June 14th to hear assurances from District Human Resources that we are guaranteed employment. Our salaries and benefits will not be affected by our limbo status. It would be best if … Continue reading

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Post Information as Comments

We’ve decided to use this particular post (if it gets too long, we’ll start another) as a bulletin board for information that our HPHS people have gleaned regarding open positions throughout LAUSD. Please post any information that you would like … Continue reading

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“A Farewell to Arms” – Take a deep breath.

Things are winding down. For those of us who have been in the fray of battle for many months, but will now find ourselves in the hinterland of displacement, hearing those hints that we should seek placement in one of … Continue reading

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But it’s not that bad… We’ll just spank you a little bit.

This is Ms. Rowena Lagrosa, District Six Supervisor, speaking to faculty members and doing her best to suppress the shock and outrage during block Three of the school day at HPHS on May 17th. Two prior presentations paved the way … Continue reading

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