This is not intended to be a propaganda presence. It is intended for historical, thought provoking, and informational purposes. We ask you to help us fill this web site with information, commentary, old historical tid-bits, and any news that comes your way concerning Huntington Park High School.

We are under threat. We thought we were off of the “School Choice List” due to our API score, but our Board saw fit to change the rules on us. Now, we’re in a new category of Public School Choice that has been created just for us. It’s called, “PSC 2.5.” We have less time and fewer resources to fulfill our board’s demands.

Mr. Steve Scanlan and Mr. Philip R. Keller will be moderators of this site. Mr. Scanlan is the elected UTLA Chapter Chair for HPHS. Mr. Keller is the elected UTLA Chapter Co-Chair. Please don’t use excessively foul or profane language (at least disguise it with **** or ###). If you post here you may get a response which you don’t like. That’s okay with us. We hope that’s okay with you. Do not get too personal in a tit for tat war of words. If what you say is untrue, tangential, or too personal, it might get deleted. Don’t be insulted. Write to us. We might help you modify your writing.

We welcome full letters or articles. Submit them to Steven Scanlan at scanlan8700@gmail.com or to Phil Keller at validity216@gmail.com.

We are in favor of reform, real reform, not blame the teacher games or pandering to the latest politically correct gobbledygook.


4 Responses to ABOUT

  1. fieldworker says:

    Keller and Steve: GREAT WORK. Thank you for this wonderful site devoted to our struggle. It looks great!

  2. I hope you read what’s on my web site, and keep me updated on important meetings so that i can organize action from the youth.

  3. Barbara says:

    Think about posting that video of Yolie being challenged by teachers and students- I saw two versions on YouTube- one had better sound and went the full 18 minutes- the other had less sound and stopped at 8 minutes even though it was supposed to go to 19 minutes.

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