Displaced, Disputing, Discerning, but never Dispassionate.

Displaced teachers gathered in the cafeteria after school on June 14th to hear assurances from District Human Resources that we are guaranteed employment. Our salaries and benefits will not be affected by our limbo status. It would be best if a school’s administration decided to hire us, but if this doesn’t happen by mid-August, we will become “pool” teachers on call at particular schools. How long can this situation continue? Well, apparently at this point in time, it could continue indefinitely, barring any unforeseen action by the board – uh oh, that’s ominous.  (Debbie is from Beaudry Ave. Tim is from District 6.)


How were selections made in this restructuring process? Why did any particular teacher get rejected after the interview? What were the criteria? No answers were given. What about this attitude that many principals in the district are displaying? The contract might guarantee that teachers on the priority placement list must be considered before other categories of candidates, but how is such a consideration enforced? The academic behavior of students came up in discussion once again. The testing process for the CST’s was also questioned. People are finally getting angry, but it’s kind of late now. None of this is fair, up front, or research based. It’s the agenda of people like Bill Gates coming to fruition by way of Yolie Flores and the purchasing of media coverage. Let’s get to know our shepherds in the Human Resources Office downtown. That’s our best bet right now. I’m not upset by the possibility of “pool” teacher life – less paperwork, no faculty meetings? I could live with that for a while.


The motion was passed at the UTLA House of Representatives calling on the leadership of our union to enforce the contract and make sure that displaced teachers are given priority in placement above new hires.  It was unanimous.

Don’t forget our End of the Era party

Huntington Park High School Farewell Party
Thursday June 30th from 3:30 to 5:30 PM
at La Villa Basque French Restaurant, 2801 Leonis Blvd. Vernon, CA 90058
(corner of Soto and Leonis Blvd.) (323) 583-1696

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