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We’ve decided to use this particular post (if it gets too long, we’ll start another) as a bulletin board for information that our HPHS people have gleaned regarding open positions throughout LAUSD. Please post any information that you would like to share with your friends and colleagues regarding employment that is open for displaced teachers AS A COMMENT. I’ll approve the comment so that it can be visible to anyone who wishes to read it.

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  1. savehphs says:

    A very curious piece of information was sent to me by an HPHS teacher. Apparently there is a “Placement Fair” just for the restructured schools in LAUSD – held at Beaudry, 15th floor, on Monday from 1:00 pm until 6:30 pm. Here’s how a part of the letter of invitation goes (No, the teacher who sent this to me did not receive an invitation):

    Information regarding parking for Monday’s event is available at this link: . Please bring photo identification in order to enter building’s security on 1st Floor (e.g., driver’s license, U.S. passport, work authorization, Resident Alien Card).

    Since this is an INVITATION ONLY event, please respond if you will attend or not. Your RSVP must be received no later than Saturday, June 4, 2011 at Noon by emailing Jewel Iheanacho at

    Please bring an appropriate number of resumes for the schools you are interested in interviewing with. The following schools have confirmed their attendance for the placement fair:

    Burbank Middle School

    Clinton Middle School

    Huntington Park High School

    Jordan High School

    Mann Middle School

    Manual Arts High School

    Muir Middle School

    Westchester High School

    We look forward to seeing you at the fair.


    Certificated Employment Operations

    • savehphs says:

      I’m not interested in being placed at any of these schools. It seems to me that if they fill up these schools with TFA people and recent college grads, I could end up in a sub pool in district 6, 5, or 4 which would be okay with me.

  2. Former Fremont Teacher says:

    Many positions will not open up for a month or more.

    Word of advice: contact principals directly with a short, specific letter of intent describing what you do in the classroom, an organized resume that is skills based and a sample of student work you have scanned in that includes the rubric.
    Sometimes you will not hear from them for a while then all of a sudden they will contact you.
    Let other collegues know you are looking because often they will tell their principals about you and that is how I got an interview. Although they are closing some Options schools, some will have retirements this year so check all of those out.

    Also some of the mayor’s partnership schools are pretty decent and they don’t seem to care if you came from a reconstituted school, at least that was my experience.

    Take the time to add on a second single subject credential – it is worth it and makes you more marketeable- just take the CSETs in that area and you are done.

    Remember if you are permanent, they have to pay you regardless so just try to relax and realize many openings will not be known until the end of June. Also, many principals have been moved down to B -basis so they work several weeks less in the summer and won’t hire until mid August. Hang on and “take a deep breath.” You’ll get through it.

    Another option: Other districts don’t seem to be suffering the financial difficulties of LAUSD so consider taking the leap to a saner district if you are able.

    Do one thing this summer you always wanted to do and put off- it doesn’t have to be huge. Take care of yourself. You won’t get “over” HPHS just like I will never get over Fremont but I have found gratitude for my new position. Do I still wish I was at Fremont? Yes, and you will feel that way about HPHS- it’s normal. Get active with UTLA no matter how pissed off you are at them and let your voice be heard.

  3. Steve Oldham HPHS displaced says:

    I am peppering my resume (w/ recent workshops and CLAD info) to some schools in District 4 tomorrow (Eagle Rock HS, Burbank MS and my alma mater, Franklin HS. I feel if I put a name w/ a face (and vice-versa) I have a better chance of being picked up. I’m not “damaged goods”, and I’m still viable…I am confident someone will see that. Good luck to my colleagues. (Later I will be reading a story to my wife’s 2nd graders in El Monte and signing loan docs to reduce our loan-life marches on “que no”?)

  4. Gayathri says:

    Monterey high school , needs Math teacher who can teach Algebra/Geometry classes as well as Biology and Inter Coordinated Science classes for next year. you can email the principal
    Doug Franklin,
    Principal, Monterey Senior High School
    (323) 269-0786

  5. LAUSD teacher says:

    An English teacher is needed at Jack London Continuation school. They may be hiring an additional teacher also on the CDS side. A multiple subject credential or a math/science dual credential will be needed for that.
    A candidate was recently interviewed was totally negative about what students could do. The principal is realistic but also wants to know that teachers will try their best so I am giving you that heads up.
    These are additional positions we are adding- no one is leaving. We interviewed someone from Local District 8 so not being in our local district seems to be ok. (Local District 2)
    You will be asked how you motivate students and why you want to teach at the school. Also, how you deal with discipline.

  6. YOU continuation school in south LA is looking for a social science teacher. It has a regular UTLA contract and is not a charter. It stands for Youth Opportunities Unlimited. (not options for youth, the charter) You need a single subject social science credential. Great staff!

  7. fremontwatch says:

    One English position open at Jordan high

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