But it’s not that bad… We’ll just spank you a little bit.

This is Ms. Rowena Lagrosa, District Six Supervisor, speaking to faculty members and doing her best to suppress the shock and outrage during block Three of the school day at HPHS on May 17th. Two prior presentations paved the way for this one. As I replayed the video, I couldn’t help but marvel at the naivety of our faculty. I kept holding back the impulse to shout out loud, “People, Ms. Yolie Flores already has the names of the teachers she wants to stay at HPHS. If you haven’t displayed the levels of subservience necessary, you’re not sticking around at this school.”

Ms. Lagrosa makes a great effort to try to establish the coming interview process as fair and transparent, but oh please. A kid, a parent, a retired administrator, and a UTLA bargaining unit member (i.e. out of classroom coordinator) will be staging the interview? Oh there’s just no way that this is up front and legitimate. I believe it’s time to just step back and watch the chaos unfold. No long term substitutes in July? – that’s what the district has told our kids in order to placate them and keep them from any more protest actions – but let’s just wait and see what happens.

We need to concentrate on our new UTLA leadership in July. I want to see all of us displaced teachers treated fairly and decently. Yolie, if you don’t want me at HPHS, then okay, I won’t be there. I haven’t done anything wrong, and I won’t tolerate punishment.

Notice some of the questions that were raised and written down during all four presentations. Some of the questions were answered. Others were deferred for later answers which Ms. Lagrosa has promised that she will email to our faculty.

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6 Responses to But it’s not that bad… We’ll just spank you a little bit.

  1. Ex-fremont teacher says:

    People, please, please, please, do NOT reapply. As was stated in the post, only those showing the proper level of subservience will be hired back. Trust me. We lived it at Fremont. It is much smarter for your career to simply not reapply. Some of the most wonderful teachers were not rehired at Fremont and some of the most mediocre were. Of course, some good teachers were also rehired, but they are not happy. Then 30 of those rehired quit during the school year.

    DON’T do it. I’m begging you. Everything you are hearing is lies. Yes, it will be tough, but you will find as you move into some other local districts that they are much more functional. I want you to leave with your heads held high. Yes, your students will ask you to reapply and that will be the hardest thing to resist. But you must. Take care. You are in our thoughts.

  2. A Teacher Who Did Not Reapply At Fremont says:

    The same shenanigans took place at Fremont. The interviews were all for show. The principal had already decided who was going to stay (those willing to bow and placate) and those who were going to leave (those who questioned and challenged the wisdom of the reconstitution) before any of the interviews took place. The District is hemorrhaging money and needs to cut out the “non-essential” veteran teachers so that it can retain its “valuable” administrators.

  3. Steve Oldham says:

    I have weighed all the info at hand (albeit sparse and inconsistent) and I have already turned in my paperwork stating EMPHATICALLY that I am not interested in returning to HPHS under any regime. Having done that and turning it in with my signed (but apparently undated) Teacher-Initiated-Transfer to Naty Rozsa. I already contacted Daniel Faulkner the D6 HR contact and also Jim Buttrick of District 4, and found both of them congenial and supportive. I intend to seek a position closer to home, now and am looking at Franklin and Eagle Rock. It occurred to me that in a strange twist of fate, I may find myself at Luther Burbank MS if I am marked as a”pariah from HP”-they are being reconstituted too, and are the feeder school for Franklin. Ironically, I am a graduate from Franklin, (class of ’74) and would consider ending my career where I started it almost 40 years ago…I wish all my HP compatriots good luck and Godspeed! To the students I’ve had the honor to work with the last 15 years, you guys are the bombskies, and I’ll see you on FB!

  4. Barbara says:

    I think the truly sad thing is that public opinion and policy is just now starting to turn against the testing mania and top down management. Jerry Brown today came out against all of the testing. The CA Supreme Court limited the number of charters and the horrible treatment of the librarians by LAUSD I think has had an effect on the public.
    Yet all of these historical schools like HPHS, Fremont, Jordan and now Manuel Arts will be destroyed for nothing more than the egos of those on the school board and to satisfy an Education Secretary who himself has no experience in education. By the time the public actually wakes up, it will be too late. I urge all of the veteran teachers to stay in the district and fight for students. Don’t let them push you out into early retirement. That’s what they want. Don’t give them what they want. Make them pay you, make them place you. And keep on fighting.

    • savehphs says:

      Hey Barbara,
      I was so proud of our kids on May 10th. They did more than any of us could do to dispel the lies of Ms. Flores. It is NOT about the good of the kids. It is not something that community wants. Reconstitution is all done and engineered because Ms. Yolie Flores wants it done. I watched her on the TV news try to smile at the reporter and dribble about how some teachers are just not the right match for HPHS – Oh how royally condescending of her. It’s Nurse Ratchet of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” overseeing the well being of teachers.

      You are absolutely correct to admonish people NOT to retire early or leave the district. Make these guys live up to their obligations. We are entitled to decent teaching positions.

      • Barbara says:

        Your kids were awesome- I just fear for their future education.
        An acquantance told me that USC is in the middle of a huge value added study and so far the results coming in are showing it to be a big fraud- there is no actual legitimacy to it. Don’t know when the actual results will be published.

        The only reason we haven’t gone the way of Wisconsin yet is Jerry Brown and the Dem legislature. We are blessed in that regard.

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