“Wham! Bam!….. “Thank you Ma’am”

It was Yolie’s day of vengence at Huntington Park High School. Ms. Rowena Lagrosa, speaking on her behalf, announced that at least 50 percent of the faculty must be “displaced” – put into paid limbo and reassigned to other schools or jobs. This is “Reconstitution” and it is not about helping students. It is about punishing teachers for speaking out and raising objections to the small school fantasy and also about retaliation for that embarrassing You Tube video that exposed Ms. Yolie Flores to the public. The students took the video, but it was alleged that they were acting out of “brain washing” by the faculty. Wow, the faculty at this school must be VERY effective. Then again, that’s not important, is it?

Watch out for these “benchmarks” and “heightened accountability.”  The periodic assessments purchased by the district from Princeton N.J. will be used a beating club for teachers who have passed an interview process in order to be placed into these new small schools that will NOT have any autonomy until they have “earned” it.  I can’t wait to see the dumping of special education students and low performers. Our kids will perform the way that they have always performed. Unless you’ve got honors kids in your small school, be prepared for a beating. Let’s not forget our budget cuts and loss of instruction time with added furlough days. It will be a real monopoly game that unfolds.

I see this as an absolute losing proposition, and welcome “displacement” with open arms.

Ms. Lagrosa tries to answer questions. You’ll notice that Tom from personnel is whispering in the background trying to get somebody to stop video taping. “Did you get her consent?”  Is this a public meeting or not?

More vague and sketchy answers.

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3 Responses to “Wham! Bam!….. “Thank you Ma’am”

  1. A Teacher Who Did Not Reapply At Fremont says:

    From Day One the “Powers That Be” knew that they were going to reconstitute your school, but they play the same old game of making you believe that you have some voice and choice in the matter. They string you along so that teachers, parents, and students won’t outright rebel and walk out. After all, every student needs to be in class everyday for the entire day so that the school can collect its Federal and state monies.

  2. Ex - Fremont Teacher says:

    Do NOT reapply- Please- for your own self-respect. If you are permanent, they must pay you forever and they must place you. Period. They care nothing for y0ur students. This is politics pure and simple.

    You can pursue court action based on the lack of community input and the voiding of the UTLA contract. Families in Schools is just a front for charter schools. Believe me as at Fremont, your school will become a UTLA dead zone. Guaranteed. Who ever the chapter chair is, they will not be rehired, neither will former chapter chairs. Rehirings will be based on those teachers who are the least creative and willing to use scripted curriculum.

  3. Chuck Olynyk says:

    Do not let the Starch Mafia divide you. They will offer coordinatorships and lead teacher positions, coaching positions, anything, just to get you to demean yourselves, to beg for your jobs. They will not choose experience. They will not choose the best or the ones who care the most. They will choose the most subservient, the most compliant, the ones with removable backbones and morals.

    If you are promised a position, do not expect the promise to be kept. There are a number of teachers at the Mont who thought they could “destroy the enemy from within.” They were rendered powerless. UTLA at Fremont is impotent, a eunuch in a harem.

    Do not let yourselves be fooled. Do not let yourselves be divided. Stand and be counted.

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