Yes, our Board member, Ms. Yolie Flores, who has had her hands in the process all along while sitting safely behind closed doors and behind distant podiums, has successfully “tabled” the recommendation brought to the board by Mr. Cortines and made the motion that Deputy Superintendent Deasey come back to the board in 30 … no, 45 days with a proposal that makes “faster” and “deeper” changes.

She wants reconstitution and a zone of choice with small schools rather than a comprehensive high school. She keeps saying that this is what the parents want. I don’t think she can dare to make the claim that this is what students and former students want after her December debacle as recorded by the kids themselves.

Reconstitution will mean the majority of current teachers at HPHS will be gone and replaced by newer ones, temporary ones, and displaced ones. Sudden transformation into her “zone of choice” will create a zone of chaos. This isn’t good for students, but it will mean delightful revenge for Yolie.

She is going to show these “despicable” teachers that no one can voice a disagreement with her and survive unscathed. We have until the end of May to mobilize in whatever ways we can.

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6 Responses to “FASTER, DEEPER….”

  1. Ex_Fremont Teacher says:

    And given what happened at Fremont, teachers getting together with a parent and studen who have standing and filing an injunction is the best way. The fact is they have no intention of including the community in the decision, thereby violating NCLB so that is your legal argument. I am telling you that is your only hope at this point. It will cost about 10,000 dollars. You will each need to come up with about 300 dollars a piece or try to raise the funds but you need to do it now because it will take a law firm about two weeks to prepare. At this point it is the only Option left- protests and marching won’t do it and the Board no longer cares what the community thinks, UTLA is MIA so you need to use the courts.

    In addition, students in LAUSD are socially promoted regardless of their school achievement so why are teachers being blamed? The hatred of teachers has reached epic proportions and our school board instead of supporting teachers, takes advantage of the environment to throw them under the bus. Time to take Yolie and her friends to court. Do you really want to be replaced with those glorified camp counselors at TFA?

  2. Maria says:

    Apparently, Yolie failed to see the recent study on Finland that showed that very little testing is done and teachers are respected. She really thinks that demonizing the teachers who do the work day in and day out that she could never do is the way to improve education? It also seems as though she has more on her mind than school reform, from the title of your post. How did a hack like her every get on the school board?

    • She got on the board because she is a true believer, like Ayatollah Khomeni, who won’t let facts deter her from her mission of bringing her brand of social justice to her home town. Her reputation was propped up by the ace of all political hacks in Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigoza, who paid for her board seat as well as those of Monica Garcia, Richard Vladovic and Tamar Galatzan. Reason has no place in her mission. We at HP showed our local supt. Rowena Lagrossa that LIBRA was a school full of cherry-picked students, that they had virtually no English Learners and special ed. students. The data came from the school district’s own computer system. There is no rebuttal for this argument. LIBRA has committed, dedicated students with a history of success dating back to their elementary school years, and few “problems” to sully their records.
      Lagrossa’s comment was for us to leave LIBRA alone. We do that, and certainly never picked a war or a scab with them.
      They became the tool of Ms. Flores and Ms. Lagrossa to push their own political agendas. LIBRA’s “triumph” has been used over and over to trumpet the wisdom of Ms. Flores, when we know all along, that she is the great destroyer, the Great Satan, who will leave HPHS in pieces. Now Bill and Melinda Gates can turn her loose on other public school districts to divide their school faculties and create chaos. Too bad UTLA has not been sitting at the meetings that will determine HPHS’ fate. Those are going on as I write this comment. I can only warn teachers at other schools to be alert. Don’t let it happen at your schools.

  3. Trish says:

    Reconstitute HPHS, taking inspiration from Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery”, and notice an improvement? Flores and the lady next to her are incredibly out of touch with our circumstances as teachers at HPHS…do they have any idea what the student to teacher ratio is in math classes here? Of course the kids can’t do well under these circumstances if they don’t have strong English skills, yet. But, we continue to rush kids through ESL and institute the block schedule so kids can rush through more classes to graduate faster. Is that the faster and deeper she’s looking for?

  4. Ex_Fremont Teacher says:


    1) At Fremont 70% of teachers did NOT reapply. Even if no teachers had reapplied, they still would have reconstituted Fremont.

    2) Only 50% of the staff will be rehired and……..

    3) The rehirings will NOT be based on quality but on cronyism.

    4) You must fight in the courts using a civil rights violation rationale and also using the argument that the district is not involving the community in their decisions. Fight now

  5. Ex_Fremont Teacher says:

    Everything you were told today at your meeting was a lie. If you are a permanent teacher at HPHS do NOT reapply. At Fremont teachers were urged to reapply and then not rehired. Even teachers personally asked to reapply were not rehired. The goal of the”restructuring” is to kill the union.

    As far as Families in Schools, their stated goal is to remove students from PI schools and put them in non-PI schools, but according to NCLB by 2014, over 80% of schools will be “failing.” You are being had. They pulled the same thing at Fremont. No one should reapply. Begin filing a lawsuit and emergency injunction because they must include the community and they are not doing so.
    Don’t believe me? Ask Fremont teachers

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