Ray Cortines has made his recommendation. He doesn’t like any proposal.

Cortines seems to believe that anything which comes from HPHS – its teachers or coordinators or administration – is not worth much. He rejects all the proposals saying that there is “little or no clear evidence that these proposals will be successfully implemented.” He wants the school to fall under PSC 3.0 so that it can be open for charter take over.

In the interim he wants us all to be busy coming up with new proposals that do a better job of guessing at his desires than these previous ones did, even though as he puts it, “HPHS does not have a track record of success.” We must be “restructured” in the 2012/12 school year with the best guessers at what will win board approval being awarded the privilege of deciding who gets to serve on the faculty.

Jon Chaikittirattana must establish a Ninth grade academy on his own for this coming July – Good luck Jon. Natividad Rozsa, Principal leader for District 6 and Rowena Lagrossa are commissioned to develop a correctional plan for the rest of us until restructuring takes place. I’m ready to be corrected. Are you? He also wants a council to be formed among the various administration teams (HPHS, Libra, and Social Justice) to share resources and develop PD plans.

This must be approved by vote of the board on Tuesday April 12. Let’s see what happens.

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4 Responses to Ray Cortines has made his recommendation. He doesn’t like any proposal.

  1. Ex_Fremont Teacher says:

    Let’s take a wild guess: Reconstitution or charter??? It’s all politics folks, pure and simple and the kids aren’t even on the radar map of the School Board. Time for UTLA to actually take some court action here but more importantly, the non-involved parents are also responsible. These types of shenanigans only occur in poor communities where parents won’t -and I emphasize WON’T -get involved because in other poverty stricken communities the parents have organized, sued and won against the school closers and reconstituters- namely in New York City.

    Do the parents even care that the future of their kids is up in the air or is HPHS just a place they can send their kids while they work- sounds harsh I know but passivity is killing education. Until the parents rise up and say Enough is enough, corrupt mayors like Villaragoisa and currupt school boards led by hacks like Monica Garcia will always have their way.
    Interestingly enough, this type of b**ll^%$t doesn’t go on in districts like Glendale Unified which serves all of its diverse populations well and which has dual language immersion in about six languages and gives its teachers leeway in instituting curriculum. I talked with someone in charge of the reading programs and she hadn’t even heard of value added. What a difference a zip code makes.
    The race to the bottom is here. It’s too late. Time to abandon this sinking ship of a school district and country. If you don’t believe me, just check out the LA Times article today on the IKEA factory in Virginia. Big corporations are now viewing the United States the way they did Mexico and China when it comes to cheap labor. As IKEA’s profits were rising, they cut worker pay and refused to promote African-Americans.

    My recommendations: Don’t count on UTLA. File your own lawsuit using the improving scores as evidence that this is nothing more than a civil rights violation on people of color. First, though, file for an emergency injunction stating you need one year to ready for a lawsuit. It just might work.

    • A Teacher Who Did Not Reapply At Fremont says:

      No words of “outrage” from our President Duffy? What?! At least in the past he would mumble a few words of condemnation…

      • Chuck Olynyk says:

        Why should Duffy be “outraged”? He’s packing his office. So what about the rest if UTLA leadership? When leaders marched in downtown L,A, a couple of weeks ago, and people from across he country spoke on behalf of unions, why didn’t that light a fire? Where were they when the School Board was discussing HPHS on Tuesday?

  2. fremontwatch says:

    An update: In Michigan, an “Emergency city manager” has been hired and has given layoff notices to every single Detroit Public school teacher and has the power to void contracts. The people in Michigan are furious. The courts are the best and only redress at this point.

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