My own comments on the latest move of the district in reconstituting Jordan High School.

Gee, do teachers take standardized tests? You would think they did by the way they get blamed for the results.

Cortines wants to give Jordan High School (which has been underperforming for DECADES) to charters and the Mayor’s Partnership. And just what will this accomplish?

I decided to video tape myself offering some commentary since sometimes you get a larger audience that way.

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3 Responses to My own comments on the latest move of the district in reconstituting Jordan High School.

  1. Steve S says:

    I am doing jury duty and couldn’t listen to the video, but I’m sure I get the gist. Good job, Phil for standing up to the bullying tactics of ‘His name who shall not be mentioned’. After sending a provocative note to our leadership at UTLA, Mat and others got in Duffy’s ear. The obsession with testing is a plague. Tony Wagner, in “The Global Achievement Gap”, pillories the test-driven agenda of our educrats for its
    wretched ability to suck the life out of education.
    What a mess!

  2. Steve S says:

    I just saw the video, Keller. This is heresy, I say, heresy. Everybody knows that public school teachers are only responsible for the weather when it rains.

  3. Chuck Olynyk says:

    In the words of Captain James Kirk, “Fire all phasers!” We have to unite! Our profession is under attack. If this plan to let the District cry “Wolf!” and allow them to destroy public schools (and unions) with impunity continues, students will be lost. We are witnessing the creation of a new Lost Generation: those who will fall through the cracks as established schools are shattered/reworked/abandoned to the interests of private plans. Stand up! Fight Back!

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