The Video record of the parent center meeting on December 13th 2010

An amazing and enlightening occasion – a certain board member widely known in District Six scheduled a meeting at the parent center of Huntington Park High School. She was expecting to meet with parents in order to increase support for her small schools ideology, but was met with students instead. I was there early and was totally surprised by the student presence when I entered the room. The place was filled with students and more were turned away at the back door.

Things get exciting in this video clip at about minute 5 or 6. Watch the entire 19 minutes. At the end of the clip a senior confronts her with an irrefutable argument. He and his friends are doing well, even excelling academically with things constructed the way that they are now. If the school were actually failing, why would he and his friends be accepted into prestigious universities? Why would they be scoring highly on state tests including the SAT? He tells the board member that she ought to be concentrating on ways to motivate other students so that they can do the things he and his friends are doing. The school works but it depends on students, parents, and teachers to make it work. Breaking things up is not attacking the problem.

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