Ms. Laurie Woerfel discusses reform plans and previous presentations

She begins by outlining what happened during the District sponsored parent meeting held in the auditorium on Tuesday, January 4th when parents agreed with Steering committee members to meet together and watch the power point presentations as a single group rather be split up and have the proposal writers come and talk with them as the reform writers moved from room to room.

Laurie does an excellent job of presenting the differences between the reform plans: A freshman house vs. small school split; governance from top/down over against governance from bottom/up; and finally the big question of who’s going to teach at HPHS and how they will get chosen.

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One Response to Ms. Laurie Woerfel discusses reform plans and previous presentations

  1. Barbara Stam says:

    Laurie, Fabulous job delineating the two plans- and learning from the mistakes of some small schools. Having a school where there are the “chosen” versus the “lepers” is not the way to run a school and in fact is more like the way cliques in middle schools work. Most teachers are qualified but may have different teaching styles. It is important that the strengths of all teachers be built upon. What the coordinators are failing to do is honor the talent in each teacher and what will happen is what happened at Fremont High- the draining and loss of talent and resources and the inability to replace those. They don’t see it now because they want to see the divide as “good” and “bad” teachers. It’s not that simple.

    Your plan about sharing electives is excellent and solves the issue that comes about in some small schools-being forced to offer AP classes on line or offer just a limited amount of those classes. Your thoughtfulness is evident in preserving the proud history of Huntington Park High School. It was only after being displaced from Fremont that I spent time looking into the history of Fremont. And what I found was that mistakes from the mid- 1960’s on coupled with short-sighted policy and the loss of middle class jobs is what destabilized the school and created a revolving door of principals. I wish I had known then what I know now so I could have shared the history of Fremont with my students. The school used to be an integral part of the community but when reconstitution came around it simply become a political football in the power struggles of a few powerful men.

    Thanks for fighting to keep HPHS in the hands of the community and know that many teachers feel invested in your struggle. This is not a union vs non-union issue. It is about honoring the community and the students and parents by keeping public education public and by making sure that we keep the shared American experience of true public education.

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