A rocky start, but a worthwhile meeting in the end. 11/29/2010

There were some nerve wracking moments in the morning of the 29th. For a while it seemed that the group of coordinators who had wanted to work in pilot schools had convinced several of our teachers to abandon ship and meet at District Six Headquarters for the writing of their own school reform proposal. The reason they gave was that our group at UTLA Headquarters on Wilshire Blvd. was a group that was not interested in doing what was best for the students. We sat with the LASDI mediation group and fumed for a short while until another phone call informed us that the group at District Six would drive down to UTLA. The original plan settled by both groups was for all of us to meet together at UTLA. Cortines had been involved in bringing both groups together last night – another product of phone call negotiations.

It turned out to be a fruitful day. We have the beginnings of a Letter of Intent which includes a previously specified outline of our mission/vision statement, our instructional plans, our ideas on networking with feeder schools, and our student performance statistics. The writing team will express these things on paper for us tomorrow. The five members of this team, Gersdorff, Aburto, Ross, Woerfel, and Ortiz, will meet together at District Six Headquarters to draft the outline.

I would love to say that all is well, but time will be the judge of that. There are still major disagreements on the structure of the school, its governance, and its future policies. We have a good start in a process that could still work out into a unified plan for reform if we can be allowed to continue without higher level interference. That remains to be seen. Somebody still wants to break up the school into separate, individual pieces. Who could that be?

Here is a quick look at our meeting members today:

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2 Responses to A rocky start, but a worthwhile meeting in the end. 11/29/2010

  1. Long Live HPHS says:

    Remember, you can’t believe anything you are being told. Your goal is to stay one comprehensive high school instead of breaking you up into small schools that divide teachers and students from each other. You’ve been warned. Think about the inefficiency of 6 small schools – will you be able to have AP classes? In the pilot model they will make you teach one extra class and stay after school for 2 and 1/2 hours a week for no pay. You will sign an “elect to work agreement.” Remember, rights and unions are dismantled one little piece at a time. Think about it.

  2. This is just another ploy by our District in a long line of attacks against us to keep out us out of real negotiations. It’s time to stop playing around with these people. They are not at all sympathetic to our needs and will throw the children in our faces whenever they need a scapegoat. Time to take off the kid gloves.

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